Bunny Lovey

Decided the next project will be the Bunny Lovey. Started about 1/2 hour ago, and wanted to get a photo so you can see its progress along the way!
I bought this pattern from Crochet by Meji. This is just 1 of many wonderful patterns she sells.



The Granny Square portion is complete. Next up, Bunny’s Head.

Here is the start of Bunny’s Head…

Ok, I’m at the part in the directions that tells me to start stuffing & if embroidering the face, to do it now!
I’d love to embroider the face, but my hand sewing skills leave a LOT to be desired!!!!! Hmmmmm, even if I TRY, I don’t have floss, wonder if crochet cotton thread would be ok??????


Head is done, next up, Ears!

All rightey, moving along slow but sure! My phone keeps jumping into my hands? !!!!! Lol.
Just completed 2nd ear. First 1 was finished this afternoon. Arms are next!



Bunny Lovey is all set for a new home!


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