1000 Fan Giveaway

MrsBrittonsCreations is just a few likes away from 1000. As a Thank You to all of my fans, I’d like to offer 2 winners 25% off a purchase at my store. Be on the lookout for #1000!
Giveaway will probably start Monday.

So excited! Up to #1019!
Giveaway will be 6/8 midnight – 6/10 midnight.
Good Luck to everyone!!!!!!!

Here are the links to enter:
1000 Fan Thank You Giveaway



The Giveaway has ended, the 2 winners have been selected by Random. Org and emails have been sent. Valerie Back-Mcdaniel & Kayla Bosche, you have 24 hours to contact me!
As a Thank you to the 10 women who entered the Giveaway that didn’t win, I’ve sent emails offering 20% off a purchase. They have 24 hours to contact me as well.
Thank you ladies for entering the Giveaway and for being a Fan!
Well, to keep you up to date, Kayla picked an Anklet. Really Cute! And Valerie declined her coupon Code. I made an Addison Headband in Blue & mailed it out to her today with a Blue/Yellow Flower elastic, as a Thank you for being a Fan!
Random. Org choose another winner for me. Kelly Hasey’s name was picked. Sent her an email this morning.


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