Family Traditions Crafts 4.5 K Giveaway

Well, I’ve joined another Giveaway on FB today. Family Traditions 4.5 K Giveaway. Tentative start date is August 5 through August 15th.
I’ve noticed that people comment that they like my baby items I’ve donated, but quite a few don’t have babies. With this in mind, I’ve decided I’m going “Kitchen” again. Everyone has one of those! Lol. I used my picmonkey photo I created for the Aries 70 Studio 1000 Fan Giveaway & Free Shipping.

I hope you all enter! I’ll post links when I get them and also a link for the Prize Album so you can see all of the wonderful items!


8/1- Giveaway starts in a few days!

8/2 – giveaway starts in 3 days. So exciting! Still don’t have any links to share.

Album of Prizes!
Family Traditions Crafts Album.

8/5. Giveaway is Live! Over $1500. in prizes, from over 70 sponsors!
Enter for your chance to win!
Family Traditions Crafts

Mobile Link:
8/15/13 – The Giveaway is over, just waiting to see the list of winners……

8/16- here is the winner from my page!
Oressa Heilig- Congratulations!
Just waiting for the go ahead to be able to post all of the winners!
12:34 – I’ve been trying for over 2 hours & I just can’t do it! I’m sorry! The document won’t let me cut, paste, copy, or anything! Sorry!!!! And I’m not typing 82? Names! Lol. I’ve tried saving it under a different name, everything I could think of, I’ve tried. I just give up!

All winners were Emailed !

Here is a link!!!!!
8:53pm -the link is above this, but I’m posting photos of the Winners List too



8/17 – Oressa contacted me, she chose the purple variegated for the Towel Holder & Pot Holders & purple for the Scrubbers, and Lisa was the winner of the Guess the color and she will be getting a crochet bracelet sent out Monday.


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