Granny Square Throw

I got an order for a Granny Square Throw. Black & White alternating squares with a name in the middle! WooHoo, this is going to look pretty!


These are the patterns I’m using! I can’t wait to start!

I brought some yarn on vacation with me. I decided to start on the letters first. Here is a photo of them finished.


After I finished Dakota’s name, I made 1 Black & 1 White square to see how they’d look together.


I think it’s going to look great when it’s all done & sewn together!
Well, I finished the squares, but think it needs more, so I’m going to make 10 more, 5 of each!
Here’s a photo of the pattern size(top) and the size it will be(bottom).

Here is a photo of Salem “helping”

Here are a few photos! Top are the squares to be joined.
Middle the 4 that are joined, and Bottom are the 2 about to be joined!


This photo shows me following’s directions that I found on a Pinterest. I usually just Single or 1/2 Double crochet my squares together, but wanted to try this join. Loving it so far!


The blanket is all joined and edged and now the letters are sewn on. It’s all set to be mailed out!


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