11/6/13 -My First Project

After some practice runs, I decided to try my hand at a Burp Cloth. I used a Pre Folded Cloth Diaper and added Yellow material and Lavender Bias Tape. On the Bias Tape, I made a cute design.



When I finished that, I figured I’d make 2 Bibs since I had just enough material leftover.
I took a store bought Bib and traced it on a sheet of paper for the pattern.
I used a new Terry cloth towel for the backing.

After cutting them out, I sewed 1 together and pressed it. To make it prettier, I have a piece of ribbon to add. I’ll sew it on tomorrow!

The store bought Bib had Velcro, but I only have Black, so I decided to put on a Snap.
That’s all for today! I’ll sew the 2nd Bib tomorrow as well.


Yes, I’ll show you what I do with tomorrow’s Bib.
11/7/13 – I finished sewing the ribbon to the 1st Bib and completed the 2nd as well. I had a DUH moment yesterday. I added the ribbon after I sewed the bib, today, I attached it all at the same time!
I’m sure I’ll have many more of those moments! Lol. Here is the completed Set.



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