December 7th – 1st Anniversary

I can’t believe that it’s been just about a whole year ago that I started MrsBrittonsCreations Facebook Page and started an Online Store.
I’ve been trying to decide for the past month or so, and you can see how I’ve made out, lol, it’s 11/24, and 12/7 will be here before I know it! A Giveaway????? I put it out there to see if any other Vendors are interested in joining. I’d like an answer by the 30th and your prize info by the 3rd or 4th. Info can be Emailed to me at The Giveaway will tentatively be 12/7 – 12/12.
In addition, all of the people who have made a purchase, whether it was thru Etsy, Storenvy, PayPal or Cash will be entered to receive a Gift as a Thank You for supporting my business.
I’ll keep you updated as to what’s going on, any vendors that are joining me and the lucky winner that is picked. Thank You! And Good Luck!
Well, I think I’ve got all of my prizes figured out!
For the People Who Made A Purchase Gift, a custom made Mini Crochet Bracelet with Charm Keychain.

And for the 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway, I have 3 Prizes.
1. 3 Pc. Set

2. Young Child Sized Mickey Mouse Loomknit Hat

3. 25% off a Purchase.

I have 3 Vendors so far, that told me they are interested in joining in too!
Tami’s Quirky Creations, Jewelry In Candles, and Scentsy & Origami Owl.

These matching Headbands are from Tami’s Quirky Creations.

This candle is from Jewelry In Candles

12/4. Got Rafflecopter set up. Need info from 2? more pages, but were getting there!
Set up a Group page on FB today. Will make it easier to communicate with all of the participating Vendors.
One of the items on the Giveaway is to post here on the blog. I set up a Thank You page just for that!
Another is to Tweet about the Giveaway and of course like the FB pages of those involved.

12/6. 2 new photos of prizes that were just added!



Here is a link to add to your page for the giveaway.

Item that just got added!
$10.00 Store Credit for any item(s) in the Ready To Ship Album

Just got the last prize!
Choice of 1 Key Fob from CraftiLee Adams

Here’s the link to enter.


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