Vallery Kotila’s Shop 1000 Fan Giveaway

MrsBrittonsCreations is 1 of the Sponsors!
Giveaway runs from 12/17-12/20.




There is only 1 Day left to enter the Multivendor Giveaway!
Don’t miss out! Enter Now!

Well, I have the names of my 2 winners, but not which won what, lol!


Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!

still waiting to hear from one vendor .😊

Accesorios Chelito/ Chelito’s, Not another Bow “Bow Prize” -Kimberly Bare

Bella’s Yarn Creations “$15 credit towards two character beanies” -Tammy Shetzline

Bella’s Yarn Creations “$20 credit off a $60 purchase” -Jasmine Thomas

Bella’s Yarn Creations “$15 credit towards a poncho and hat set” -Jennifer Gierhart Grace

MrsBrittonsCreations “Amethyst Print Cherille Scarf free shipping” -Christino YCarie Soto

MrsBrittonsCreations “25% off coupon for MrsBrittonsCreations StoreEnvy!” -Christopher Schade

Vallery Kotila’s Shop “$10 off a $20 purchase store credit!” -Natalie Dearment

Vallery Kotila’s Shop “Faux Pearl Necklace and Earring Set” -Rose M Strunk

Vallery Kotila’s Shop “Custom made bracelet from Vallery Kotila’s Shop” -Emily Ann

Wickless Scent Sprinkles “FREE ‘Sprinkle Scent Sampler Goodie Bag’” -Stephanie Foy

Bow A Day, Make My Day “Monsters University Bow”
Joann Harding

12/23. Got the last name!
Mailed out the Scarf today, but still haven’t heard from my other winner. They have until Friday to claim before another name is chosen!


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