Little Black Bag

I have a party to go to and decided our present was going to be “a little black bag”.
I searched the web for ideas, and came upon this pattern


I thought it would make a terrific little black bag.
I had bought some black nylon ages ago with the idea of making my son a tie, but had never gotten to it!
I thought that would be perfect to use.
I made a few changes to the pattern, but for the most part, it’s the same. Mine is a tad bigger, I lined it with material, the button is higher and the flap closure loop has a second row.
Once I finished the purse, I decided she needed a wallet to match.
Because nylon is heavier than yarn and crochet thread, I didn’t use it. I decided on black #10 crochet thread.
I crocheted a rectangle, long enough to be able to fold in approximately thirds, sewed on matching buttons, and then added matching lining. Then I sewed the two ends closed.
Once that was done, I decided to make a matching keychain. I tried a couple of times to start, but it just wasn’t looking good. I finally decided to adapt the barefoot sandal pattern as a guide.
Once it was completed, I thought about how to decorate it. I was going to sew on the matching buttons, but decided to do an initial instead. I used the machine and made an “M” in a matching blue thread. I bought some Fabri -Tac and stuck it on. I’m thinking one of these days, I need these for myself!
I’ll have to add it to my growing list of items to make………
Here are some photos of the whole process. The first shows the lining on the purse, along with the wallet and I decorated keychain and the second shows them all finished.




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