A Request for Barefoot Sandals

My DIL sent me a photo of a pair of Barefoot Sandals that her sister wanted to know if I could make.
I went online and found that they are only sold as a finished item, so, I found a pair that was similar, and downloaded the pattern.
I got my #3 White Cotton Thread and a hook and got to work.
Now, you should know by now, I’m HORRIBLE with following patterns!!!!!!!
I made one and sent a photo for approval. It doesn’t look too bad.

Then I started the second one and it just wasn’t looking the same!
I decided to try making my own.

After I sent the new photo, I thought to myself, I need to write this down!!!!!!
I wrote out what I did/ thought I did, in case that’s the one that got picked.
I got a text this morning from my DIL saying her sister liked the one I designed!
I threw away the original that was not picked, and sat down to start on the second one of my design. I have to admit, so far, so good. It’s progressing nicely.


I will be listing these to buy as a Pre Order. They will be available in a couple of colors. Hopefully, I’ll get that done by Monday.

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far! Stay safe, be cool!


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