Square Blocks Quilt

I bought this neat ruler called Shape Cut by June Tailor. It has a line to cut with a Rotary Blade every 1/2″. Well, I laid out my fabric and went to town.
I cut a long piece of fabric on the 4 1/2″ mark and also on the 9″. Needless to say, they came out different sizes! I totally didn’t figure in the extra bit on the first cut when I measured for the second cut, so the second cut came out smaller! Math and common sense were not in attendance while I was working! LOL!
Anyway, I made all my squares then row by row, sewed them together. Next, I cut out a large piece of flannel for the back, pinned them inside out and sewed them together.
I decided on a decorative border but didn’t take into account that I wanted to put an edging on it too, so, in some spots, they overlap!
I started out with Crochet Cotton Thread as an edging, but will finish up with yarn.
All I can say is, for my very first ever quilt, it’s cute, but I definitely need more practice cutting the same sizes, sewing straight and marking straight lines!


Just finished the Edging!




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