Knit A Jumper For A Chilly Chicken

I can barely knit, but maybe one of you might be interested!

Violet's Vegan Comics

chilly chickensAt least twice a year Raystede (where Miranda volunteers) rescues ex-egg laying chickens who would otherwise be sent to slaughter at the tender age of 72 weeks.  Unfortunately, these girls have had it rough and some of them arrive with very few feathers intact.  So, at this time of year, they are very chilly and need a little help keeping warm until their feathers grow back.

So, if you feel like doing something lovely with your spare time and spare yarn, why not make some chicken-knits?

Click here to download the simple pattern 🙂

And if you’d really like to do this but don’t know how to knit, here’s a couple of brilliant videos below to get you started (if you’re not ready for purl, I’m sure the pattern would be just as good if done all in knit – just substitute K every time the pattern says P.  

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