Buying, Just Because!

I have a bad habit of buying yarn just because it’s pretty and on sale! I’ll go into a store and pick up a skein or 2, sometimes even more, just because. My husband has even gotten into the habit too. Sometimes he’s worse than me! Once in a while I’ll say no, I don’t need it, I’ve got no where to put it and he’s like, but it’s really pretty, so into the cart/basket it goes!

I have totes full of it. No rhyme or reason, it was bought just because it was pretty!

Do any of you buy yarn like that?????????

The only problem with buying yarn like that,  that I’ve found, is you may/may not have  enough when you do finally decide to use it!

The reason I’m bringing this up now, is because as you know, I made a C2C Baby Blanket and JUST had enough. I really loved the pattern  so much, I’ve started making a scarf with the same pattern. 

I’ve dug into my stash and pulled out a pink and yellow with colored Metalic lines running through it. It’s lightweight yarn, so it’ll  be great to wear all year!

Anyway, to get back to the point, I have like 7 skeins of the pink, but only 1 of the yellow. I have no idea of what I was thinking when I picked up only 1! In my defense, I suppose some more Could be hiding under all the other yarn in the tote!

I’m sitting here crocheting, and I’m trying to figure how much yellow to use on the 1 side so there is enough to use on the second.  I will absolutely have enough pink! 

Here’s a picture of what I’ve gotten done so far.  


Here’s a picture showing the colored Metalic running through it.  


The pink isn’t really that color. The top photo is an accurate color, but you can’t see the metallics. 


Well, to tell the truth, even though I’m really happy with how the scarf turned out, I’m a little disappointed it’s not how I’d imagined it would be!

As I stated earlier, I had A LOT of the pink yarn! It all looked the same, just eyeing it too! I was going to make it pink with a few lines of golden yellow as accent. When I got to the end of the skein and started with another, I realized it was a different shade.  


I joined the new pink to the finished & got about 10-12 rows done before realizing it was totally a different shade! Then I had ripped it out & added the yellow at the joining of the pinks, but after looking at it in different lights for a few days, it just bothered me! I looked at a couple of other skeins, tried a few stitches, but none looked the same as the first skein! There was No Way I was ripping that all out, so I decided to go with a totally different color. I choose black.  But before I could add it, I had to add a few more rows of yellow to add some extra length. 


It’s almost done in this photo. I’ve just got about 1/2 skein to go. 

Here’s a final group photo showing the 2 sides, the fringe I added, and the horrible selfies showing just 2 of the different ways the scarf can be worn. 


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