(I’m Learning) Tunisian Crochet

Hello! Salem is laying in my lap, no big surprise there, right?!as I lay in bed because it’s too early to get up yet. I don’t want to wake up Michael, who ‘s alarm won’t go off for another hour or so. 

I figured it was a good time to tell you about what I’ve been up to since I finished the C2C Scarf. I read directions & looked at some pictures, but just didn’t understand what I was supposed to do. I got the chain row down, that was easy since it’s the same! I even got the 1st row done, but was CLUELESS after that. I went to my phones Safari app and typed in How to Tunisian crochet and got all of the original info but needed to get more to figure out how to get to row 2!

That’s when I realized, there HAS to be a video on UTube! There were many videos, but I decided on using Mikey’s from #TheCrochetCrowd. He has videos on just about whatever you need! 

I watched lesson 1 & 2, which was more like some tips and pointers in 1 and getting started in 2. 

I practiced a few times, following along to the video until I got the hang of it. Now, you have to realize, I was watching this video outside, in the sunny afternoon, on my phone, so the screen isn’t all that big!  


(Here’s a good photo of the mulch that’s going to be used for around the deck.  Home Depot had it on sale). After watching Mikey’s videos and doing some sample rows,  I was able to get this far. You can see the bottom row looks like the top of stitches. That was 1 of  his tips. Go through the back bumps of the foundation chain. He also suggested going through the back vertical lines to stop the curling, but it was too awkward for me. Next project, I’ll try again, but for now, I’m happy with just being able to do it at all!

I got as far as the end of the skein and after watching another video on changing colors, (I had to go through a couple because they didn’t pertain to my project) decided to go with AllFreeCrochets video. Mikey didn’t have 1. Anyway, I learned I could add yarn whenever I wanted, but for my purposes, the start of coming back was the right time.  


As you can see, I added my new yarn choice and got a few more rows done. 

I’m still deciding on what this will be. I’m thinking Cowl, but you never know!  

You can see it trying to curl here. I’ve been keeping the project folded in 1/2, using the clips to keep the ends together, but I unfolded it here to show you my progress. 

I’ll keep you updated on how It’s coming along. 


5 thoughts on “(I’m Learning) Tunisian Crochet

  1. You are doing very well and should be proud of your progress. I too watched Mikey’s video on youtube, although I haven’t tried yet, as couldn’t find the right hook. I will have to order one through Amazon. I like the way you’re changing colours: it looks really good. Keep going and I look forward to seeing the final garment. All the best. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! As with the majority of my yarn, I bought both of these ages ago! I started with the blue and wanted something in a similar weight, without having to go buy some, and I found this multi color yarn in my stash. I have 2 skeins of each yarn. I’m thinking it will add a nice splash of color in between the blue.

      I know you like to buy local, but FYI, I found some bamboo hooks and also bamboo with the tubing on the end, on EBay. They are due by the end of the month. The metal are good. I’ve only used this 1, but I do like the feel/weight of it. I have some regular hooks that are plastic and some that are crystalite, but I much prefer the aluminum/metal hooks. I’ve never used bamboo ones before. Which do you use? Prefer? Have you tried any with the molded handle? I haven’t. They LOOK uncomfortable! Maybe one day I’ll buy 1 to try!

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    • It’s actually easier than it sounds! You just have to really keep track of your stitches because it’s super easy to skip some! I had to rip out a few rows before I realized that! 😁😖lol


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