Not enough time in a day…

I really don’t get how some people are able to accomplish soooo many things in a day and I never seem to be able to do that, lol. This blog is just 1 of a couple of things that I started out pretty good with, but then for whatever reason, just didn’t seem to be able to keep up with!

It’s 4:44 am, I’ve been awake since about 3:00 although I gave up trying to sleep about 4:15. I checked my mail and my FB notifications and I’m looking at my phone and realize, it’s been forever since I’ve written on WordPress!!!

I can barely see since all these letters are so tiny, so if there’s some punctuation or spelling mistakes, I apologize!! I suppose if I got up and put my glasses on, it would help, but I’m tossing & turning in bed, under the covers.

I truly have a hard time keeping up on here. I crochet, a lot, and if I want to finish a project, I have to work on it, lol, so, that means less time for everything else. With that being said, I think I’m just too lazy to write here all the time!

Well, I really just wanted to say Hi! Hope you’re all doing well! and I’ll try to write something more often than I have recently.


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