Justin’s Cloth Book

I made my Grandson Justin a Cloth Book for Christmas.
I used thick Terry Towels for the pages and assorted material for the appliquéd shapes.
After sewing the fronts and backs together to make pages, I realized it would be too thick to sew down the middle. Hummmmm, now what do I do?
I have an OLD Scrapbook that is held together with cord, and I decided that was how I’d would hold this together!
After searching for some assorted colors of crochet cotton thread, I took 5 colors and made a crochet chain. I took an awl, punched threw the pages, then used a crochet hook to make the holes a little bigger. Threaded a needle and pulled the chain threw all the holes, tied a knot and then a bow!



Getting Ready for Halloween

9/3 -9/5, Ive Started working on some Hair Elastics & Clips for the girls for Halloween time. Made some 2 Tone Flowers & Single Flowers for each of them. (Serenity, Kaylee, & Ryder)
I felt bad that the boys got nothing, again! (Jayden, Ryley, & Justin)
So, I decided to see if I could find some patterns that would be appropriate for boys too.
My 1st & 2nd attempt was not to my liking at all. (Sorry, Yarnington, you’re photo of a Ghost was really cute, but you’re pattern was not clear enough for me and I was guessing what you meant! Needless to say, they both look horrible. Both, because I made them twice thinking I made a mistake! Lol!


Next, came a pattern from Craftbits (Shellie Wilson), that Ghost came out super cute!

After posting them to Instagram & FB, Jugglezcrochet suggested I make my own Ghost, a circle and a skirty bottom.
I thought about that for a while…..
Next, came the Spider! That pattern was from Crochet Spot. I think it will look cuter with Googly Eyes, so I ordered some from Amazon!

I really have to tell you my finger tips are SORE from the hot glue/glue gun I used to attach the Bead Eyes! There was more on me & on the counter than where it was supposed to be!
Well, to wrap up the night, I decided to make my own Ghost based on Yarningtons. I made 1, then tried to remember what I did as I wrote it down. I guess I should have written it down as I went?!!, anyway, it’s cute, will be cuter when it’s got some eyes!
After I wrote it down, I made another to make sure they came out the same!

Here are the girls Elastics & Clips!


Since I found these really cute patterns, I will need to make some for each boy!

I’ve just today finished all the little goodies for the Grandkids!
Since Justin is a baby, I made him some squishy shapes. 🎃👻
Jayden & Ryley each have 4 pins and Serenity, Kaylee, & Ryder each have an assortment of pins, elastics, & clips.




I had a couple leftover, so I put a Ghost & Pumpkin on my Tweety Bird Jacket!