MrsBrittonsCreations FB page Game Rules

Here is a copy of the Game Rules from my page on FB.

If youre going to play games with us, PLEASE follow these simple rules each and every game!
1. You MUST agree & leave Email here BEFORE playing!(Just Once – It will be deleted after I read it!) NO EMAIL- NO PRIZE!!
2. The FIRST person with the correct answer wins!
3. Winner MUST respond within 24 hours. It can be in reply to Email or in a message to me. If no response, next in line will be notified.
4. Games will run for approximately 1/4 hour from the time its posted. I may extend a game! Game is over when I type STOP! Either in the game comments or a new post!
5. Try to keep from duplicating numbers/words! If it does happen, the first person with the correct answer wins!
6. Must have the CORRECT Song Title and Artist to win!
**7. If there is a Prize Sponsor, please be so kind as to be a Fan & sayThank You! BEFORE we play!
**8. Prize Sponsors are responsible for the (FREE) shipment of the (FREE)prize in a timely manner.
****9. FB has nothing to do with these games. MrsBrittonsCreations takes full responsibility for them.
10. Have FUN!!!!!
11. MrsBrittonsCreations reserves the right to refuse playing if a player is rude or obnoxious to others!!!!!!! We are here to have fun & meet other people so play nice!
12. MrsBrittonsCreations reserves the right to ammend these rules if needed.You will be notified if that happens.
Thank You!

P.S. if you’re reading these rules here & not on FB, you can message me your Email address!
No Email – No Winner!

11/6/13, for the time being, games have been suspended because FB is a PIA! If you’ve been on FB lately, I’m sure you’d agree with me!


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