I just posted Guess a Number Game on FB. 1-500. No duplicates, can only have 1 number. Winner will receive a Crochet Bracelet/Anklet with Beads. One Winner will be picked at 1 pm. Whoever guesses the # or closest without going over WINS!

Well, we played 4 games & I had 7 winners! Congrats to all! Thank you to everyone that played!

Will do a couple more games Wednesday.

Mailed out all envelopes today.
Did you know that you need extra postage if your envelope isn’t flat?
Yep! They charge more for that, even though it weighs next to nothing!
Glad I checked before I mailed them, cause I hate when I get returned mail!

20130723-103320.jpg. Monday 7/22/13 winners!

Wednesday 7/24 – Guess what I’m eating for lunch?
2 guesses each- be specific! Go to my page and write your answer on the post!
No one had the correct answer, but I will send the 2 closest a bracelet.
The correct answer was Turkey & Swiss!

Played games last night, 2 of the 3 winners responded. Just waiting for the last. She has until 8:43 pm to notify me or a new winner will be found😟
Thank you everyone that came over & played! πŸ˜ƒ
FB blocked some of you towards the end, I’m guessing that it was because you were going crazy with all the multiple guesses going on! Lol. We had multiple games being played at the same time! πŸ˜„

8/7/13 Games approx 6 pm tonight. Once dinner is done & the kitchen is clean, we will start!
Well we played 7 games.
#1 -#405. Winner was Tammy Schaer with 381
Runner up Sara Wanstrom with 376.
Neither one agreed to rules & left an Email. I need that info in order not to forfeit the win!!

#2 “Cinder” -No winners
#3 Name that Song Title & Artist
Linkin Park – In The End winner was Cyndi Tongate
#4 -#141. Winner was Samantha Gonzales with 128.
#5 “Cotton Seed” – No Winner
#6 -#797 Winner was Malana Davis with 765.
#7 “Inky”- Winner was Jessica Antis

Congratulations Ladies!
If I haven’t heard from you or told you differently, you have 24 hours to contact me before forfeiting the game.

I’ve heard from all of the winners! 3 of the 4 prizes were mailed out, last 1 will go out tomorrow, and just waiting to see if the coupon code will be used! She has until Sunday to use it.
Yeah, all prizes are claimed!!!!!

Decided to do Game Night this Tuesday!
We will have a Guest Sponsor for 2 of the games.
She is going to give 2 winners a Thank You Charm!

8/13- Games are all prescheduled to start at 6:30,7, 7:15, etc. I did not schedule stop times! Games will most likely overlap!!!!!!!!
See you on Facebook later!
Good Luck everyone that comes to play!πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ˜»

Congratulations to :
Lana Crowe, Suzanne Marble, Jolene Gyurnek, Tammy Lewis, Tiffany Baker, Cynthia Dingwell, and Melisa G. Treadaway!

Game Night will be Thursday, 8/22 this week. 6:45/7pm! Hope I see you there!
If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE read the Game Rules beforehand!
They are here on this Blog. A page called, Game Rules, my Tumblr blog, and on my FB page in the Notes Tab.

I sent out Bracelet/Anklets today to the 3 winners still waiting for their prizes from the Guest Sponsor. Very disappointing they still haven’t received the prizes due them!

I have 4 games for tonight! They are pre scheduled to start at 6:45, 7, 7:15, & 7:30. Hope to see you there!

Game 1 winner was Ashley Pate
Game 2 no one played
Game 3 winner was Suzanne Marble
Game 4 winner was Donna Quarles

Congratulations Ladies!

8/27, Games Night will be Thursday! I’m going to do 3 games about 11 am and then 3 games about 7 pm!

8/28- just got all the game info, have to pre schedule the starts. I have 6 games for morning & 6 games for night!
Prizes will be Crochet bracelets & 20% off a $15. Or more purchase!


8/29. Finished up this mornings games, prizes are in envelopes all set for tomorrow’s trip to the PO.

Congratulations to: Victoria, Joann, Oressa, and Nancii (2 Game Winner!).

Tonight’s Winners have all touched bases but for 1. Hope I don’t have to pick a new one!

Congratulations to Jamie, Cyndi, Illa, Sue and Tami!

I’ve stopped games on my page because many of my fans are having issues with FB blocking them & causing problems!
FB suspended me for a month from “Liking” with my personal page.
Too much Drama!


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